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SubjectRe: [1/3] gigaset: avoid registering CAPI driver more than once
On Montag, 15. März 2010 22:20:40 David Miller wrote:
> Karsten the way you reforward patches does not work.
> And I've told you about this last time you submitted ISDN patches.
> You don't add an extra "From: " line in the message body, so when the
> patch gets applied the author gets set to _you_ instead of the person
> who actually wrote the change.
Sorry about that.

> All you're doing is ACK'ing this person's work, so simply reply to the
> patch they posted and with your "Acked-by" line. This way patchwork
> and friends will figure out the rest when the patch gets integrated
> into the net-2.6 tree.

I tried to use my own patchwork which is feed by the
ISDN list to learn more about it, unfortunately it does not help for such

> By reposting the patches the way you are we're losing information.
> Add to this the fact that you never have the time to properly take
> care of ISDN patches, and when you do finally "get to it" you make all
> kinds of submission errors.
> This is not the first time either, it happens over and over again.
> It's incredibly frustrating, especially for me.
I can understand that.
> Please seriously consider handing ISDN maintainership over to someone
> who unlike you 1) has the time and the desire and 2) knows how to
> submit patches properly. Probably Tilman is the person who most meets
> these criteria based upon what I've seen.
> Meanwhile, I'm going to apply the original patches as posted by
> Tilman so that the proper authorship gets set.

Fair enough, thanks.

- who had really a very bad day

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