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SubjectRE: [PATCH V2 0/6] lis3lv02d: click and threshold interrupts
>> Samu Onkalo (6):
>> lis3: Add missing constants for 8bit device
>> lis3: Separate configuration function for 8 bit device
>> lis3: Introduce platform data for second ff / wu unit
>> lis3: Add skeletons for interrupt handlers
>> lis3: Interrupt handlers for 8bit wakeup and click events
>> lis3: Setup poll interval limits
>(sorry for the delay, I was on holidays)
>Just had a look at the patches and they seem fine, so here is my
>Acked-by: Éric Piel <>
>Andrew, would you mind to pick this series of patches to replace the
>dropped one yesterday?


This patch set was meant to replace the dropped ones


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