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SubjectRe: Linux kernel - Libata bad block error handling to user mode program
Had some issues with the libata in 2.6.27 kernel's libata code, but
believe the issues were fixed in the subsequent versions. Atleast one
prominent issue was with a Western Digital HDD of 40 GB size. The
manufacturer specific LBA was 78125000 and was reported as correctly
in Win32 and DOS applications. But the 2.6.27 kernel was reporting
~40000 sectors more. But the problem dissappeared with the 2.6.3x
kernel and I did not bother to check the patches due to lack of time.
But still, the write's failure is not being seen by the application. I
can understand the fact of not checking the media errors during the
write operation, and had posted a request for a quick suggestions of
the locations which needs to be changed / checked for the return
value. ( Should it be handled at the vfs or at the libata code?). Will
surely update the testing results with the new kernel (Well, not
exactly as I am not using the latest version though! Currently trying
with 2.6.31). Thank you all for suggestions.

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 1:29 PM, Greg Freemyer <> wrote:
>> But really.. isn't "hdparm --security-erase NULL /dev/sdX" good enough ???
> This thread seems to have died off.  If there is a real problem, I
> hope it picks back up.
> Mark, as to your question the few times I've tried that the bios on
> the test machine blocked the command.  So it may have some specific
> utility, but it's a not a generic solution in my mind.
> Greg
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