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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 2/7] net: remove old tcp_optlen function
All the drama is beside the point.  This patch merely removes a *rarely*
used function (2 drivers). Not complicated....

There's a reason that this function isn't used much. It doesn't work.

On 3/12/10 12:46 PM, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> So after you removed the checks this change includes:

I didn't remove any *existing* checks. I had added *new* checks in my
earlier patch, then removed *my* checks from this patch as required by
David Miller.

> 1) Random slagging on the networking guys

I had to look up that "random slagging on" colloquialism. Apparently,
the "random slagging" target would be *me* -- calling me "anal" and my
code "rediculious bloat" [sic] probably qualifies....

(Admittedly, I'm rather careful and may be overly cautious at times, after
some 30+ years of writing network drivers. Once it's in half a billion
cell phones, it's hard/impossible to update.)

Since my first unpleasant interactions with David Miller on my very
earliest (October) netdev posts, I've conspicuously avoided contradicting
him. I've merely *obeyed* his injunction here, and moved on....

The patch itself neutrally documents a coding requirement decision by that
networking maintainer by name.

> 2) u32 => int to ameliorate your static checker's complaints

Good idea. Actually, I simply looked at the code and its history.

> 3) cleanups
Removing this function is really a *bug* fix (in several places), with
cleanups in the vicinity for obviously poor coding (variants in 3 places):

- mss = 0;
- if ((mss = skb_shinfo(skb)->gso_size) != 0) {
- int tcp_opt_len, ip_tcp_len;

Cleaner as:

+ mss = skb_shinfo(skb)->gso_size;
+ if (mss != 0) {
+ struct tcphdr *th;

But I wouldn't have bothered had I not been changing that immediately
following line. 30+ years of experience with collaborative projects
informs me that it's best to make minor cleanups only where I'm already
improving the code nearby. Otherwise, it creates patch conflicts.

> People have already explained that tcp_optlen() doesn't return
> negative values.

People? The fact that the calculation itself can be negative appeared
the very first time I tested my own code using this bad function!

> negative values. It would really help us if you could show how
> tcp_hdr(skb)->doff can be less than 5?
Oh, I've long since given up on lengthy explanations. Both Eric and
Ilpo have repeatedly castigated me for being too wordy.

In this particular instance, I suggest that you take a look at all the
places that gso_size is set, and cross index with all the code paths that
place these TCP headers onto the txq without a check of doff -- as I did!

I'll specifically mention the tun and virtio_net devices, but I'm also
particularly concerned with af_packet.c and skbuff.c -- and the general
problem with inet_lro.c, too.

Amazingly enough, folks sometimes use Linux for routers....

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