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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] fs/partition/msdos: Fix unusable extended partition for > 512B sector
"Daniel Taylor" <> writes:

>> Of course, if we can fix, it's better.
>> However, probably, users of this patch would be only boot loader,
>> because this is a first sector on extended-partition itself, not
>> logical-partitions in extended-partition.
> I have not yet tried booting from one of these disks.
> They are in USB-attached enclosures, attached well after boot, so the
> bootloader has never seen them. They simply refuse to mount to a running
> Linux system because, when the storage for partition size and start was
> expanded to 64-bit, no one bothered to fix the intermediate storage in
> msdos.c, so the kernel cannot locate the start nor figure the size of
> the partitions.
> Logically, this patch is not complicated. The data types in msdos.c
> are flat-out wrong, given that the real stored data is of type sector_t.
> The intermediate variables should not be u32.
> For users of small disks, that are not shared with Windows XP, the patch
> is totally innocuous. It does not diminish any existing working behavior,
> for anyone, nor change any API, so I do not understand the resistance to
> using it.

Those are all about the first (1/2) patch, not this second patch.
Personally, I'm thinking we should apply the first patch as bugfix.

I'm talking about only second (2/2) patch in here.

OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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