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SubjectRe: Anyone using ray_cs wireless driver?

> I'm just curious to know if anyone is using ray_cs (even occasionally
> and/or just for testing)? Does anyone even have the hardware?

Would that be... me? ;)

I _think_ my cards are ray_cs.
What I know for 199% certainty is that they _are_ FHSS, i.e. pre-DSSS 802.11,
as such chances are moderately high ;)
(these are two or possibly even three PCMCIA cards, with a PCI-PCMCIA

I don't have them here right now (and didn't find any meaningful traces on the PC
that I used to use them with, back in <= 2002 or so...), but I can fetch
them very soon and possibly test them (no promises ATM though).

Out of interest: how many inner circles of communication
analysis&interception vehicle traffic will I manage to inflict upon me once
putting them back into service?? ;))
[ok, relax: it's ISM band after all - at most a couple dozen neighbours
will be annoyed about their probably rather effectful DSSS interference...]

Andreas Mohr

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