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    SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH 1/1] perf: add support for arch-dependent symbolic event names to "perf stat"

    * Corey Ashford <> wrote:

    > On 3/3/2010 6:30 PM, Corey Ashford wrote:
    > >For your review, this patch adds support for arch-dependent symbolic
    > >event names to the "perf stat" tool, and could be expanded to other
    > >"perf *" commands fairly easily, I suspect.
    > >
    > >To support arch-dependent event names without adding arch-dependent code
    > >to perf, I added a callout mechanism whereby perf will look for the
    > >environment variable: PERF_ARCH_DEP_LIB, and if it exists, it will try
    > >to open it as a shared object. If that succeeds, it looks for the symbol
    > >"parse_arch_dep_event". If that exists, that function will be called by
    > >parse_events() before all of the other event parsing functions in
    > >parse-events.c. It is passed the same arguments as the other
    > >parse_*_event functions, namely the event string and a pointer to an
    > >event attribute structure.
    > >
    > >As the code existed, "perf stat" would print out the count results, but
    > >for raw events (which is how arch-dependent events are supported in
    > >perf_events), it would just print out a raw code. This is not
    > >acceptable, especially when a symbolic name was placed on the command
    > >line. So I changed the code to save away the event name that was passed
    > >on the command line, rather than doing a reverse translation to an event
    > >string based on the event type and config fields of the attr structure.
    > >In this way, there's no need for a reverse translation function in the
    > >arch-dependent library; only a event string->attr struct function is
    > >needed.
    > >
    > >I could well be missing something, but I don't understand why reverse
    > >translation is ever needed in perf, as long as the tool keeps track of
    > >the original event strings.
    > A couple of follow-up comments on this patch:
    > This functionality was designed to provide a generalized interface to an
    > external event name -> attr struct library, such as libpfm4. libpfm4 has an
    > interface that nearly exactly matches parse_*_event() profiles, so it's
    > quite easy to write a small wrapper function to call libpfm4's function.
    > Ingo Molnar discussed adding some visibility to the arch-dependent event
    > names through some other interface, such as through /sys/devices/pmus
    > perhaps, but that discussion is a long way (as far as I know) from having
    > something usable today. So you could think of this external library
    > approach to be a stop-gap until something better is developed. When/if that
    > new event naming mechanism becomes available, we can easily remove this
    > external library support from perf.

    I'm quite much against stop-gap measures like this - they tend to become
    tomorrow's impossible-to-remove quirk.

    If you want extensible events you can already do it by providing an ftrace
    tracepoint event via TRACE_EVENT. They are easy to add and ad-hoc, and are
    supported throughout by perf.

    That could be librarized further by providing an /eventfs or /proc/events
    interface to enumerate them.

    Or if you want to extend the perf events namespace ABI you can send patches
    for that as well. (It's not a big issue if a particular event is currently
    only supported on Power for example - as long as you make a good effort naming
    and structuring it in a reasonably generic way.)



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