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SubjectRe: smatch_scripts/
On Wed, 10 Mar 2010, Dan Carpenter wrote:

> I wrote a script to check that a patch only changes white space.
> It compiles the files before and after the patch is applied and
> verifies that they are the same.
> You'll need to compile smatch:
> git pull git://
> make
> cd /path/to/kernel/src/
> /path/to/smatch_scripts/ <patch>
> Adding or removing parenthesis and curly braces counts as a code
> change. Changes to comments, #if 0, white space changes do not.
> You can fix a lot of style violations if you limit yourself to
> adding and removing tabs, spaces and new lines. Then the next
> patch could remove unneeded parenthesis. It would be easier to
> audit that way instead of everything mixed together.
> regards,
> dan carpenter
> PS. I feel really bad slagging the newbies trying to help.
> Could we fix to not complain about line lengths?

I hope not... Are newbies really put off by having to add a newline here
and there?


> Also could we tell them to stay in staging where no one cares
> about git blame?
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