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SubjectRE: Linux Bluetooth Coexistence documentation in general and for ath9k

I think host shall provide channel map to controller because it is considered to be much more accurate than the channel map generated by controller based on the RSSI reading.


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Subject: Re: Linux Bluetooth Coexistence documentation in general and for ath9k


> > The question of Bluetooth coexistence pops up here, on IRC and on bug
> > reports quite too often so I've stuffed what I could onto a page with
> > a few references / code and about ath9k's schemes for BT coexistence,
> > feel free to extend or correct:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > I'm still not sure if "2-wire" and "3-wire" are generic terms and if
> > someone owns a trademark on them or what, but looking down the road I
> > think it would be nice to export this information through nl80211, if
> > a device supports any of these BT-coex schemes and if so, perhaps
> > display the current signal status of:
> >
> > * BT_STATE
> the only thing the host has control over is AFH channel map, and even
> modifying that is not really needed. The Bluetooth controller will do
> AFH automatically and it is on by default. We never switch that off
> actually.
> Normally the co-ex stuff is hard-wired between the Bluetooth and WiFi
> and thus out of control to the host OS.

I believe that 'internal wifi, usb bluetooth' is still quite common
(cesky, pictures)
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