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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] wait_for_helper: SIGCHLD from user-space can lead to use-after-free
    On 03/10, Roland McGrath wrote:
    > SIGCHLD being blocked doesn't affect reaping, so SIG_IGN or sa_flags &
    > SA_NOCLDWAIT is the only thing that would do this. How does that come
    > about here in this kthread? Is it inherited from the instigating user
    > process? If so, then SA_NOCLDWAIT is as much a problem as SIG_IGN.
    > Or I guess maybe it's from ignore_signals() in kthreadd()?
    > In that case SIG_IGN is indeed all that matters. (I don't really
    > know all the kthread/kmod/userhelper code organization.)

    Yes. kthreads run with all signal ignored, this is inherited from
    kthreadd() which does ignore_signal().

    > Perhaps it would be cleaner to do:
    > flush_signal_handlers(current, 1);
    > in wait_for_helper

    I don't think this can work. SIG_DFL for SIGCHLD is OK because it is
    sig_kernel_ignore(). But, say, SIGHUP and other signals still should
    be ignored, otherwise we have the same problems with the unwanted
    signal_pending() this patch tries to avoid.

    But even if we could do this,

    > That should make it redundant in ____call_usermodehelper,
    > so it could be removed from there.

    Please note that __call_usermodehelper() forks ____call_usermodehelper() too.


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