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SubjectRe: [tip:x86/mm] x86, mm: NX protection for kernel data
>> Any suggestions on how should I proceed forward in troubleshooting this issue?
> Can you reproduce it in KVM?

Yes, it crashes in KVM.

> If yes then that might give you a more debuggable state than a crashed native
> system.

Running kernel in KVM under kgdb with a watchpoint set for
($eip>=_etext)&&($eip<=_edata) still produces a dump but without ever
triggering the watchpoint.
I was hoping that some Kernel Locking Guru would say "take a look at
__xxx_yyy_zzz(), the things it does always looked suspicious to me."

But joking aside, I would really appreciate ANY advice on debugging
this problem, as my best idea at this point is to pretty much
single-step through the whole thing... And since I am not familiar
with lock debugging at all, this will take a long time to figure out
on my own.

Thank you, guys.

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