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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] i915 / PM: Fix crash while aborting hibernation (Re: [linux-pm] [regression] "drm/i915: implement new pm ops" disables irq on aborted s2disk)
    Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
    > On Thursday 04 February 2010, Zhenyu Wang wrote:
    >> On 2010.02.03 23:44:41 +0100, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
    >>> On Wednesday 03 February 2010, Alan Jenkins wrote:
    >>>> Hi
    >>>> I found this regression on my EeePC 701 with modesetting enabled. When
    >>>> I hibernate using s2disk, I can abort the hibernation by pressing the
    >>>> backspace key. Doing so breaks X on 2.6.32-rc6 (but not 2.6.32).
    >>> Yeah.
    >>> To be honest, I knew that's going to happen, but didn't have the time to take
    >>> care of it.
    >>> The problem is that i915 does literally _nothing_ in its .thaw() callback,
    >>> although it should at least reverse whatever .freeze() did to the hardware
    >>> (and memory allocations and so on), so that the adapter is functional
    >>> after creating the image.
    >>> Fixing this requires some thought, though, because at the moment .freeze()
    >>> thinks it's .suspend(), which is not the case as this report clearly shows.
    >>> So, in fact i915_pci_suspend() has to be split into the .freeze() part and
    >>> the poweroff part cleanly and that's not so simple (at least to me).
    >> Right, I think that'll be more clean, stuff in i915_save/restore_state() need
    >> to be splited too, especially isolate stuff for mode setting and other device
    >> state, as what my original purpose for this is to remove extra mode setting
    >> cycle in old behavior so not waste time for hibernate.
    > We can't really do that, because we'll need to restore the saved state at the
    > resume-from-hibernation stage.
    > The appended patch fixes the issue for me, although it's been only tested
    > a little. It sort of defeats the purpose of commit
    > cbda12d77ea590082edb6d30bd342a67ebc459e0, but I don't see any less invasive
    > way to fix this except maybe for reverting that commit entirely.
    > Note that the drm_irq_[un]install() thing may be unnecessary, but I wasn't sure
    > about that and surely wouldn't suggest doing that for 2.6.33. Also it looks like
    > some things from the freeze and thaw parts may be moved to the "low-level"
    > suspend and resume parts, respectively, but that would require some
    > i915_gem_* surgery I was too scared to do.
    > Alan, please test, i915 guys, please review.
    > Rafael

    The patch works very nicely on my eeepc.

    (and thanks again for all your hard work this cycle, and specifically
    for pointing me to the s2disk hang-fix)


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