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    SubjectRe: [2.6.33-rc6-git regression] idr fix breaks Xorg
    On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 6:16 PM, Tejun Heo <> wrote:
    > Hello,
    > On 02/04/2010 04:56 PM, Andy Isaacson wrote:
    >> 1265267921.568269 ioctl(8, 0xc020645e, 0x7fffe2196980) = -1 EBADF (Bad file descriptor)
    > Hmm... -EBADF?  I suppose it doesn't mean that the fd is invalid in
    > this case but that the mapped object can't be found for some reason?
    > Can anyone more familiar with the subsystem explain what's going on?
    >> 1265267921.568649 write(2, "../../../libdrm/intel/intel_bufmgr_gem.c:637: Error mapping buffer 1073741824 (gen4 WM state): Bad file descriptor .\n", 117) = 117
    >> 1265267921.569039 --- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---
    > I'll forward the fore mentioned fix as it at least fixes one reported
    > failure.

    Hmm at this late stage, maybe revert first? since the old idr code works fine
    with the subsystems in question.

    The drm idr code usage isn't anything crazy, the EBADF is the return code
    from the mmap ioctl when it calls the idr lookup function for a handle.

    The lookup function is just an idr_find inside a spinlock.

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