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SubjectRe: port multiplier problem
On 02/04/2010 11:37 AM, Grant Grundler wrote:
> I had two questions on that thread that never got answered:
> | How can we find out if anyone has the SEMB properly wired up?
> | Would it be hard to make libata aware of "SEMB port not responding" case?
> | ie if the SEMB port times out or has no link, reduce the port count of
> | the sil3726 PMP by one.
> |
> | Maybe add a "enable_sil24_semb" flag to libata?
> | (avoid checking unless someone asks for it). I hate magic flags but also
> | don't want to subject most people to the timeout delay.
> I (or Gwendal) can post a patch (and lightly test) for any of the above.
> Just need to get some guidance so we don't waste our time.

It's not really sil24 tho. But anyways, I think we can just disable
them altogether. It's not like they have ever worked. Just limiting
both 3726 and 4726 to 5 ports should be fine. That said, I'm not
quite sure this is relevant to the reported problem but it's worth a



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