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SubjectRe: Improving OOM killer
On Wednesday 03 of February 2010, Balbir Singh wrote:
> * Lubos Lunak <> [2010-02-03 13:10:27]:
> > On Wednesday 03 of February 2010, Balbir Singh wrote:
> > > 2. RSS alone is not sufficient, RSS does not account for shared pages,
> > > so we ideally need something like PSS.
> >
> > Just to make sure I understand what you mean with "RSS does not account
> > for shared pages" - you say that if a page is shared by 4 processes, then
> > when calculating badness for them, only 1/4 of the page should be counted
> > for each? Yes, I suppose so, that makes sense.
> Yes, that is what I am speaking of
> > That's more like fine-tunning at
> > this point though, as long as there's no agreement that moving away from
> > VmSize is an improvement.
> There is no easy way to calculate the Pss today without walking the
> page tables, but some simplification there will make it a better and a
> more accurate metric.

OOM should be a rare situation, so doing a little amount of counting
shouldn't be a big deal. Especially if the machine is otherwise busy waiting
for the HDD paging stuff out and in again and has plenty of CPU time to

Lubos Lunak
openSUSE Boosters team, KDE developer ,

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