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SubjectRe: Proposal to move PCI out of arch/powerpc and into drivers/of
On Fri, 2010-02-26 at 16:07 -0700, John Linn wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are in the process of putting PCI/PCIe into the microblaze
> architecture.
> In order to not duplicate/fork the PCI code in Powerpc, we're proposing
> to move the PCI code from arch/powerpc into drivers/of such that it
> would be common code for Powerpc and MicroBlaze.
> This would be the 1st part of a refactoring that would occur with the
> PCI code.
> Ben H., would you mind if that happened (move arch/powerpc/kernel/pci*
> to drivers/of/*)?

I don't think we should move the whole thing. I know Grant plans to move
parts of it though. There's quite a few things in there that are still
quite powerpc specific (and even different between ppc32 and ppc64).

I wouldn't mind in the long run if we could make some of powerpc's PCI
implementation bits more generic, such as struct pci_controller, and the
MMIO/PIO remapping mechanisms, since many archs do more or less the same
thing and all in subtely different ways. But that would have to go to

Then there's the whole deal with matching OF nodes with PCI devices. A
lot of that is still different even between ppc32 and ppc64. I don't
think any of that is ready to be moved to drivers/of, it's not generic
enough by far.


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