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SubjectNick's vfs-scalability patches ported to 2.6.33-rt
Hey Thomas, Nick,
I just wanted to let you know I've just finished forward porting Nick's
patches to 2.6.33-rc8-rt2. Luckily my forward port of Nick's patches to
2.6.33 applies on top of the -rt tree without any collisions, and I've
added a handful of maybe sketchy fixups to get it working with -rt.

You can find the patchset here:

Here's a chart showing how much these patches help dbench numbers on

I've not done any serious stress testing with the patchset yet, but
wanted to post it for your review.

Nick: I'd appreciate any feedback as to if any of my forward porting has
gone awry. I'm still very green with respect to the vfs, so I don't
doubt there are some issues hiding here.

Thomas: Let me know if you want to start playing with this in the -rt
tree. I'm not seeing any warnings with the debugging options on, so I
think I squashed all of those issues, but let me know if you manage to
trigger anything.


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