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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Remove drivers/char/ChangeLog

> The ChangeLog file under drivers/char is 30K of stuff dedicated
> to the mid-90's TTY exploits of Ted Ts'o; it has been updated
> once since 1998 - and that was in 2001. It's interesting
> history, but we don't normally carry that kind of history inline
> with the code. Let's remove it.

Should we lose the others too, then?

pullcord:cjb~/git/linux-2.6 % du -sh **/ChangeLog
8.0K arch/arm/nwfpe/ChangeLog
32K drivers/char/ChangeLog
20K drivers/parport/ChangeLog
16K fs/befs/ChangeLog
100K fs/ntfs/ChangeLog

Last changed dates:

arch/arm/nwfpe/ChangeLog = 2003/03
drivers/parport/ChangeLog = 2001/10
fs/befs/ChangeLog = 2002/03
fs/ntfs/ChangeLog = 2007/10

The ntfs changelog is modified recently, but the ChangeLog text added
to it is duplicated as the commit message for each change, so those
ChangeLog entries are redundant -- they're already in the commit
history, unless you want changes from earlier than the initial import
cutoff in 2004, in which case you'd need the history repo for those.

- Chris.
Chris Ball <>
One Laptop Per Child

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