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SubjectRe: sendfile() expert advice sought
On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 6:19 PM, Bryan Donlan <> wrote:
> sendfile() always copies pages

Really? So the description in the following article (see "Figure 4") is wrong?,1

(To be clear, I want to replace the step where the kernel buffers get
populated from disk with a step where I populate them programatically.
That is what I mean by "sendfile() for anonymous pages".)

According to that article, among others, if your network device
supports scatter/gather and the pages are already resident, then
sendfile() is a true zero-copy operation. That is, it takes page
cache pages and arranges to DMA them to the network card without
creating any additional copies in system RAM.

My questions make a lot more sense if that is how it works, anyway :-).

- Pat

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