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SubjectRe: USB mass storage and ARM cache coherency
On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 01:27:53PM +0530, Shilimkar, Santosh wrote:
> Continuing on the USB issue w.r.t cache coherency, the usb host
> code is violating the buffer ownership rules of streaming APIs from
> dma and non-dma transfers point if view.
> We have a below temporary patch to get around the issue and probably it
> needs to be fixed in the right way in the stack because some controllers
> may not have PIO option even for control transfers. (e.g. Synopsis EHCI
> controller)

if (usb_endpoint_xfer_control(&urb->ep->desc)
&& !(urb->transfer_flags & URB_NO_SETUP_DMA_MAP)) {
if (hcd->self.uses_dma) { <=================
urb->setup_dma = dma_map_single(
sizeof(struct usb_ctrlrequest),

struct usb_hcd *usb_create_hcd (const struct hc_driver *driver,
struct device *dev, const char *bus_name)
hcd->self.uses_dma = (dev->dma_mask != NULL);

Is it easier to make sure that PIO devices don't have dev->dma_mask set?

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