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SubjectRe: Linux mdadm superblock question.
On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 06:53:38PM +0000, John Robinson wrote:

> True, but afaik every distro uses an initrd/initramfs and bundles
> tools making it easy to manage and customise them, so what's the
> problem?

Distro provided initramfs generators have a bad habit assuming you
patch/build your kernel like the distro does. If you want to use a
vanilla kernel with different things built in/built as modules/not built
at all, then you can get nasty surprises, and debugging can be rather

My current view is if you use a distro kernel, then you should also use
an initramfs (in fact you do not have a choice). But if you want to
build your own kernel, then you should get rid of the initramfs.


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