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    SubjectRe: Linux mdadm superblock question.
    On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 09:47:16PM +0100, Asdo wrote:

    > 1.x autodetection worked great for me in initramfs. Basically you
    > only need /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf copied to initramfs (via
    > update-initramfs),

    There is no autodetection with 1.1. Once you have mdadm.conf you have
    pretty hard rules about what to look for and how to assemble it - ie.
    there is not much left to "auto" detect. Real autodetection would mean
    there is _no_ such information available, and you figure out everything
    by just looking at the devices you find.

    > initramfs procedure.
    > Also consider 1.x allows to choose which arrays are autoassembled
    > (hostname written in the array name equal to hostname in the machine
    > or specified in mdadm.conf): this is more precise than 0.9 which
    > autoassembles all, I think.

    And also causes much more pain when you install machines on an internal
    network where it gets a random name (in fact all new machines get the
    same temporary name), then it is moved to its real location and
    reconfigured with its real name. And you wonder why your arrays aren't
    assembled any more...


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