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SubjectRe: Brightness control for MacBook Pro - Nvidia 9400
Soeren Sonnenburg <> wrote:


> I am booting a MacBookPro5,3 using elilo and efifb. Now I'd like to use
> pommed to control display brightness (which won't work). Digging around
> in mbp_nvidia_bl.c I figured out that tries to control the geforce 9600M
> instead of the currently active geforece 9400m

If you know how one can determine which GPU is active, let me know. I
don't have this information at the moment.

> Does anyone have an idea which bytes to tweak to change brightness
> levels for the 9400? Seems like 0x52f does not work - at least
> setpci -s 03:00.0 0x52f.B=10 fails...

I'm not sure this method actually works without the legacy BIOS. IIRC
that method was determined by reverse engineering the Windows drivers,
which means the legacy BIOS was in use.


Julien BLACHE <>
<> GPG KeyID 0xF5D65169

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