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    SubjectRE: [lm-sensors] [PATCH 0/6] lis3lv02d: Power management, click and threshold interrupts

    >>Sorry, I haven't had time to fully review the patches. Nevertheless,
    >>I've tested them on my HP laptop with a 12bit device, and can confirm
    >>it's all fine.
    >>The only hiccup is in patch 6: it declares the joystick with 3 buttons,
    >>although on this hardware it's impossible to have this feature. So, it
    >>would be nice if input_set_capability() could be conditionned.
    >I'll add configuration option to platform data or do you prefer some
    >way to enable this?

    You obviously meant that enable those only for 8 bit device, since
    12 bit doesn't have click detection. I can do that.


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