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SubjectRe: [patch v3 2/2] ptrace: Add support for generic PTRACE_GETREGSET/PTRACE_SETREGSET
Note that this patch and the xstate user_regset patch are entirely independent.
They can me merged in any order or one without the other.

> +/*
> + * Generic ptrace interface that exports the architecture specific regsets
> + * using the corresponding NT_* types (which are also used in the core dump).

There is a special case here, which I think already works as we intend it
to, but which should be clarified in the comment about this API. The
NT_PRSTATUS note type in a core dump contains a full 'struct elf_prstatus'.
But the user_regset for NT_PRSTATUS contains just the elf_gregset_t that
is the pr_reg field of 'struct elf_prstatus'.

For all the other user_regset flavors, the user_regset layout and the ELF
core dump note payload are exactly the same layout, as your comment implies.

> +static int ptrace_regset(struct task_struct *task, int req, unsigned int type,
> + struct iovec *kiov)
> +{
> + const struct user_regset_view *view = task_user_regset_view(task);
> + const struct user_regset *regset = find_regset(view, type);
> + int regset_no;
> +
> + if (!regset || (kiov->iov_len % regset->size) != 0)
> + return -EIO;

My inclination would be to diagnose these more specifically. For a bad
size, give -EINVAL. For an unknown regset type, give maybe -EINVAL or
maybe -ENODEV. (-ENODEV is what you get for a known NT_* type that has a
user_regset implemented in the kernel, but that the particular hardware
we're running on doesn't support. So perhaps you don't want to overload
that for a wholly unrecognized NT_* type.)

Otherwise, looks good to me. ACK contingent on Oleg's ACK.


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