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SubjectRe: High cpu temperature with 2.6.32, bisection shows commit 69d258 (fwd)
On Wed, 10 Feb 2010 22:51:38 +0200 (EET)
Dimitrios Apostolou <> wrote:

> As I understand, in his case the C3 state is unstable and exits
> immediately. I have asked him to post the dmidecode output so you can
> put him on the exception list too. However I now believe that more
> and more users will be facing the same problem, it's not something
> you find easily, especially on desktop machines! What do you think?

if C3 does not work, this needs to be fixed in the code that implements
C3, not in the code that selects C3.

Modern systems should have working C3; if one does not it needs to be
investigated as to why it's not working. One cause could be a PME that
we're not handling (I've seen that a few times in our lab), lspci -vvv
will show that.

But regardless, it's not the task of the code that selects a C state to
deal with....

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