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SubjectRe: 2.6.33-rc7 problems
On 02/09/2010 04:06 PM, ST wrote:
> Hi
> I am currently running the linus main git tree with the last commit beeing:
> deb0c98c7f6035d47a247e548384517a955314a5 (2.6.33-rc7)
> USB Cardreader:
> Since i am now in my third attempt to get my usb flashreader going under this
> kernel (damn this must be simple right?). I have my doubts if this is probably
> not a .config but a kernel problem. If i plug in the usb card reader i get the
> output as attached in the file "usb_problems". The .config will be also
> attached. So i thought "ok, no problem i messed up", what about the defconfig.
> (arch/x86/configs/x86_64_defconfig).
> The defconfig works slightly better by omitting the repeating thread
> awake/thread sleeping output but no device is found usable. The distribution
> is Debian/Sid. The hardware is working with the standard Debian kernel 2.6.30.
> I had a similar error when i had an typo in the default codepage "utf-8" vs.
> "utf8". But this error is fixed now and USB Sticks are working fine.

Well, the card reader apparently reports medium not present.. is there
anything in there? how is it not working?

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