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Subject[PATCH 0/6] tcp: bugs and cleanup updated to 2.6.33-rc7
Combination of patches reported in October, November, December, and
January. These patches fix perceived bugs, and other cleanup.

This code has had previous review and several months of limited testing.

Some portions were removed during the various TCPCT part 1 patch splits,
then were cut off by the sudden unexpected end of that merge window.
[03 Dec 2009] I've restarted the sub-numbering (again).

Of particular interest are the TCPCT header extensions that already
appear in the next phase of testing with other platforms. These patches
allow correct reception without data corruption.

The remainder of the original TCPCT part 2 will be merged with part 3.

These patches are against the current linux-2.6 tree.

[Since Feb 2nd, Part 2g temporarily removed from this series; possible
insufficient resistance to very rare option re-ordering by middleware.]

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