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SubjectRe: [perfmon2] [PATCH] perf_events: AMD event scheduling (v3)
On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 4:59 PM, Drongowski, Paul
<> wrote:
> Good catch!
> Historically, AMD has treated the bit field EventSelect<7:5>
> in model specific register MSRC001_00[03:00] Performance Event
> Select Register (PERF_CTL[3:0]) like an "event group selector".
> Please see the "BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide for AMD
> Family 10h Processors."
> Typically, EventSelect<7:5> == 0x7 selects Northbridge
> events.
> Yes, when the event select value was extended to twelve bits,
> it placed this field somewhere in the middle of the full
> twelve bit value. ;-)
> Please consider AMD Family 10h event 0x1C0 Retired x87
> Floating Point Operations. This is not a Northbridge event.
> If the test is greater than or equal to (e.g., 0x1C0 >= 0x0E0),
> then this event will be incorrectly identified as a
> Northbridge event. (There are other similar examples.)
Good example.

> So, I would recommend testing EventSelect<7:5> == 0x7
> in order to detect AMD Northbridge events.
Ok, so something like the following would do it:

static inline int amd_is_nb_event(struct hw_perf_event *hwc)
return (hwc->config >> 5) & 0x7 == 0x7;

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