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SubjectRe: [WTF] ... is going on with current->fs->{root,mnt} accesses in pohmelfs
On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 11:00:11AM +0000, Al Viro ( wrote:
> > > To mountpoint or to fs root? And what's going on with d_find_alias()?
> >
> > To root if it happend to be under mountpoint.
> HUH? How the hell can root of filesystem be under the mountpoint of
> that filesystem? What are you talking about?

Let me guess... Mmmm, it was in the yesterday newspaper, I remember.
Maybe when we chroot somewhere. I meant not mounted fs root, but
thread's root.

> > > AFAICS, you are doing that for regular files as well as directories,
> > > and you do support link(2) in there, so dentry (and path) obtained from
> > > that will be random.
> >
> > Not exactly random, but can change.
> > Links support is rather subtle because of that, yes.
> >
> > Plan was to add external attribute or increase inode size to include
> > parent name, but when I coded that it was so messy in respect of
> > renames, that was dropped.
> Why not use the dentries you've been given by VFS?

At writeback we do not have parents, so must find a path somehow.

Evgeniy Polyakov

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