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SubjectRe: Linux wireless GSoC 2010 project ideas
On 02/01/10 17:12, Nick Bowler wrote:
> On 22:14 Mon 01 Feb , Maxim Levitsky wrote:
>> 2 - Allow a wireless card to associate to several APs at once (if they
>> share the frequency).
>> Implement this at least for ath5/9k. Madwifi had that feature. Maybe
>> ath9k has. If it has that feature, test it.
> I haven't actually tried this particular case, but this is ostensibly
> already supported by mac80211: iw allows you to create several wireless
> interfaces that share a phy, which can then be configured into different
> modes (I've used station + monitor successfully in the past).
With ath9k I have used:

AP + AP (Open and WPA2)

using both the debug interface to ath9k's internal multi-vif support
(never tested MP with ath9k multi-vif) and mac80211. I know that
if you use the ath9k internal method, you can operate on multiple
channels at a sacrifice to throughput. I have not tested if mac80211
supports multiple channels.

It's as easy as:

Start Hostapd
Create interface with iw
use second interface.

Configure hostapd for multiple bss
start hostapd

Pat Erley

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