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SubjectRe: [regression 2.6.33 rc3-rc5] sata_nv and no /dev files
On Mon, 1 Feb 2010, Kay Sievers wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 23:16, Bartłomiej Zimoń <> wrote:
> > cat /proc/partitions shows partitions but fstab cant mount because no /dev/sdxx files.
> > Have chacked on rc4 and rc5 and dont rememmber if rc3 is affected, but it could.
> > rc1 is abs ok.
> What does:
> grep . /sys/class/block/*/dev
> print?

This problem - udev not creating sd* nodes - appears for me with arbitrary
SCSI / SATA drivers if CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 is set, but that's been
the case under 2.6.32 too, not sure since which kernel version exactly.
The OP is claiming, that rc1 was fine, is he sure his .config was the same
in both cases?

Guennadi Liakhovetski, Ph.D.
Freelance Open-Source Software Developer
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