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    SubjectRe: Start dropping PCMCIA from compat-wireless for 2.6.38+
    On Thu, 9 Dec 2010, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:

    > I'm going to start dropping PCMCIA stuff from compat-wireless as I
    > don't think we have any users of it nor interest to keep backporting
    > it. This entails dropping drivers like orinoco, b43 PCMCIA support,
    > libertas, as well as bluetooth bluecard_cs, bluecard_cs, dtl1_cs,
    > bt3c_cs and of course CONFIG_SSB_PCMCIAHOST. If you are a user please
    > yell now.
    While I'm not personally a user, my mother is. She still has an old IBM
    Thinkpad 600 laptop with a PCMCIA card in it that uses the orinoco driver.

    Jesper Juhl <>
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