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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] input: mt: Add an envelope tool type

    >>> Is it assumed that the envelop has only two touches comprising it? Or is
    >>> it any number of touches? If it's any number of touches, how does one
    >>> know how many touches it is?
    >> Those are good questions. Specifying how many touches are in the
    >> envelop makes sense. It also covers rectangle as a special case of
    >> envelop.
    > I have a feeling that trying to accomodate non-rectangular, more than 2
    > point shapes without using native MT data is over-engineering the
    > problem... Do we have examples other than older generation Elantechs and
    > Synaptics that need envelope notion?

    Those are the ones targeted so far. Maybe appletouch could be added to the list
    as well. I imagine all drivers will end up using zero, one and two envelope points.


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