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    Subjectbeagle-board -high speed data acquisition from - adc --
    Hello all

    I want to use a parallel interface ADC with the Beagle Board with 40Msps.
    I want to take samples using 12 bit ADC and acquire it for say 100ms.

    My input signal is 3 V p-p .

    "Actually in my application after taking sample I want to calculate
    4096 point FFT using it.
    During this time i don't require to acquire input signal. Then the
    calculated data has to
    be passed to a PC using on board USB or UART interface.
    Some more complex operations are also there such as correlations and
    Principal Component analysis."

    Please suggest whether beagle board is apt for such project.

    My major concern is high speed acquisition using linux dvsdk from
    Texas Instruments or any linux on beagleboard

    Please help

    Thanks & Regards
    Nidhi Mittal Hada
    Scientific officer D
    Computer Division
    Bhabha Atomic Research Center

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