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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4] sched: automated per session task groups
On 3 December 2010 05:11, Paul Turner <> wrote:
> I actually don't have a desktop setup handy to test "interactivity" (sad but
> true -- working on grabbing one).  But it looks better on under synthetic
> load.

What tools are actually used to test "interactivity" ?
I posted a tool to the list some time ago, but I don't think anyone noticed.
My tool is very simple.
When you hold a key down, it should repeat. It should repeat at a
constant predictable interval.
So, my tool just waits for key presses and times when each one occurred.
The tester simply presses a key and holds it down.
If the time between each key press is constant, it indicates good
"interactivity". If the time between each key press varies a lot, it
indicates bad "interactivity".
You can reliably test if one kernel is better than the next using
actual measurable figures.

Kind Regards

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