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SubjectRe: Challenges with doing hardware bring up with Linux first

> > Which we know in practice they won't. They'll sit on fixes (often
> > security fixes) and tweak and add private copies of features. In turn the
> > Linux one could then only keep up by adding features itself - which would
> > have to be GPL to stop the same abuse continuing.
> >
> > It's a nice idea but the corporations exist to make money and adding
> > proprietary custom stack add-ons is clearly a good move on their part to
> > do that.
> Hence my recommendation that if someone is going to do the work to
> create a 802.11 layer that has shims that work on multiple operating
> systems, it be GPL with explicit exceptions to allow said layer to
> work on legacy operating systems like QNX, et. al. That way it forces

Is the exception even neccessary? GPL has explicit permission to link
against non-GPL 'system' and 'compiler' libraries --which seems to be
exactly this.

(cesky, pictures)

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