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Subject[PATCH v6 0/3]mmc: implement eMMC4.4 standard HW reset feature
Hi all,
This is the version 6 of hardware reset feature implementation. When eMMC
card cannot response any command, signal RST_n can help to reset eMMC

patch1: enable HW reset capability if card supports.
patch2: do hardware reset if card occurs read/write/erase timeout
patch3: implement hwreset_emmc and reinit_emmc callbacks. In this patch,
hwreset_emmc callback will pull up/down the corresponded GPIO line number
to trigger RST_n signal.

change log:
1. Move hardware_reset callback to mmc_bus_ops so that all kinds of host
controller can use hardware_reset callback to trigger RST_n signal.
Different host controller only needs to provide a GPIO line number to
this callback.
2. Add GPIO pull up/down part in hardware_reset callback.
3. Remove reset_emmc callback in sdhci_ops.


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