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    SubjectRe: ftrace: trace_pipe_raw interface broken
    On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Steven Rostedt <> wrote:
    > Hi David,
    > Thanks for looking deeper into this.
    > On Wed, 2010-12-22 at 16:37 -0800, David Sharp wrote:
    >> Regarding the strange "commit" values:
    >> I noticed just now that it appears the low 16-bits are the correct
    >> value for "commit", bits 16-31 are c000, and bits 32-63 are ffffffff.
    > Ah yeah, I use 32bits so it would be the same on both 32 and 64.
    >> ring_buffer_read_page can store the number of missing events at the
    >> end of the page if there is room. It signals it has done so with two
    >> bits in commit, bits 30 and 31. That's c0000000. This points to the
    >> ffffffff being a signed math problem, because these bits are added
    >> using "local_add".
    >> Here's how the bits are defined:
    >> /* Flag when events were overwritten */
    >> #define RB_MISSED_EVENTS      (1 << 31)
    >> /* Missed count stored at end */
    >> #define RB_MISSED_STORED      (1 << 30)
    >> well, those would come out as signed int, and 1<<31 is 0x80000000, aka
    >> INT_MIN. When passed to local_add, which takes signed long, that would
    >> be sign-extended to 0xffffffff80000000.
    >> Well, mystery solved at least. Now, how should it be fixed? Or is this
    >> intended behavior?
    > Not quite intended, but not something to worry about either. We mask off
    > the 30 bits to determine the size.

    in trace-cmd you mean?

    >> By my count that leaves only one mystery: why are we seeing this extra
    >> page at the beginning with pre-overflow data?
    > If you did not reset the buffer, there's a chance that the writer is on
    > the reader page. The reader page is always outside the ring buffer, but
    > it points into the ring buffer. If this occurs, then you will get the
    > reader page data, plus the rest of the ring buffer (which is the full
    > size you asked for).

    Okay, that's a surprising behavior to me, but resetting the buffer
    seems like a fine workaround.

    btw, corroborating this is that reading the formatted output of
    "trace" also shows the page of pre-overflow data.

    Thanks for your help,
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