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    Subject[RFC] IIO: ABI for Direct digital synthesis (DDS) devices
    [RFC] IIO: ABI for Direct digital synthesis (DDS) devices

    Direct digital synthesis (DDS) is a technique for using digital data
    processing blocks as a means to generate a frequency- and phase-tunable
    output signal referenced to a fixed-frequency precision clock source.

    [RFC 1/3] IIO: Direct digital synthesis abi documentation
    Proposed ABI documentation

    [RFC 2/3] IIO: dds.h convenience macros
    Attributes considered as common between various DDS devices

    [RFC 3/3] IIO: DDS: AD9833 / AD9834 driver
    Example driver using the proposed ABI


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    Sitz der Gesellschaft Muenchen, Registergericht Muenchen HRB 4036
    Geschaeftsfuehrer Thomas Wessel, William A. Martin, Margaret Seif

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