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SubjectRe: [PATCH] delay.h: add __must_check to msleep_interruptible
On Thu,  4 Nov 2010 10:55:41 +0200
Baruch Siach <> wrote:

> Code calling msleep_interruptible() must be aware that sleep time might be
> shorter than intended as a result of a signal being caught. Code not checking
> the return value of msleep_interruptible() is probably buggy, unless it's doing
> the signal_pending() check itself, which is redundant.

True. But there are around 250 callsites which don't check the
msleep_interruptible() return value.

I don't think I want to add 250 new warnings to the kernel build -
it'll take *years* to get them all weeded out and meanwhile it will
cause people to miss other warnings while they're ignoring the
msleep_interruptible() warnings.

So. Some lucky duck needs to get down and start fixing all these
things first, please. Meanwhile, a checkpatch rule which prevents new
occurrences would be good.

Except lots of developers and maintainers can't be assed running
checkpatch, so a volunteer who regularly runs linux-next.patch and
patch-2.6.Y-rcY through checkpatch and then hassles people would also be

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