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Subject[PATCH 06/15] GFS2: fs/gfs2/glock.h: Add __attribute__((format(printf,2,3)) to gfs2_print_dbg
From: Joe Perches <>

Functions that use printf formatting, especially
those that use %pV, should have their uses of
printf format and arguments checked by the compiler.

Signed-off-by: Joe Perches <>
Signed-off-by: Steven Whitehouse <>

diff --git a/fs/gfs2/glock.h b/fs/gfs2/glock.h
index db1c26d..a12d117 100644
--- a/fs/gfs2/glock.h
+++ b/fs/gfs2/glock.h
@@ -212,6 +212,8 @@ int gfs2_glock_nq_num(struct gfs2_sbd *sdp,
int gfs2_glock_nq_m(unsigned int num_gh, struct gfs2_holder *ghs);
void gfs2_glock_dq_m(unsigned int num_gh, struct gfs2_holder *ghs);
void gfs2_glock_dq_uninit_m(unsigned int num_gh, struct gfs2_holder *ghs);
+__attribute__ ((format(printf, 2, 3)))
void gfs2_print_dbg(struct seq_file *seq, const char *fmt, ...);


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