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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] Alternative approach to MT_TOOL_ENVELOPE
>> Ping has touched upon this subject as well, from the pen & touch perspective.
>> Generally, some ABS axes are actually enumerations, for which we have no
>> direct abstraction. If we had a way to declare the used values for such
>> enumerations, it would resolve these and possibly other issues.

> I think that presence of pen/touch can be detected by having
> BTN_TOOL_PEN and BTN_TOOL_FINGER. However in this case the tool is
> finger, so I do not think we should introduce BTN_TOOL_ENVELOPE. Maybe
> this is another case where we should employ the proposed device flags?

Yes. Having something like INPUT_QUIRK_SEMI_MT might be enough, and we could
drop the whole MT_TOOL_ENVELOPE circus. Chase, Peter, Chris, would you be
comfortable with such a solution?

> Anyway, it looks like we have a few concerns with current
> MT_TOOL_ENVELOPE so I want to rewind my 'next' branch.

Yep. Should I also take the opportunity to sync from -rc1 instead, and fold the
cleanup patches into the appropriate places?


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