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SubjectRe: VT console need rewrite

> > I have many different kinds of patchs that did it in different ways.
> >
> > What realy matters is that, do we agree that add unicode font support is
> > acceptable ?
> Simple unicode font (i.e. just go beyond the arbitrary historical-vga
> 512 glyphs limit for fbcon) might go in. Double-width is questionable,

That would be very nice, yes.

> But complete unicode support (with arabic ligatures, tibetan
> combinations, etc.) won't ever be accepted in the kernel as that's far
> too involved in terms of font rendering. So the userland way needs to
> be fixed for these anyway, and then things like chinese will go along...

Well... english has ligatures, too (fi); console does not support them
nicely and we still use it. Support for eastern european characters by
default would be very very nice... and yes, that's just breaking the
256 char limit, nothing more complex.
(cesky, pictures)

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