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Subject[ANNOUNCE] UAS uasp.c driver available on github
The uasp.c driver is available on github at The free-linux branch is a branch off of the master branch. The free-linux branch contains the following:

* uasp.c driver which allows you to connect to USB Attached SCSI (UAS) devices and use them as SCSI devices.

The free-linux branch also includes the following patches:

* 6e5eba [USB] Use normalized sense when emulating autosense,
* 245423 [SCSI] Retrieve the Caching mode page, and
* 67869f [BLOCK] Preliminary increasing tag sequence implementation.

The first two of those patches, 6e5eba and 245423, have been accepted into topic branches and should be merged in the next (or current) kernel release.

The 67869f patch is needed to eliminate TMF processing race conditions in case of multiple application clients issuing commands to the same I_T nexus as I described here:


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