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    SubjectRe: CodingStyle Problem
    On Sat, 11 Dec 2010, HarryWei wrote:

    > Hi all,
    > I just read the CodingSyle at Documentation directory in linux-2.6.23 kernel source code.
    > But a problem happened to me like following.
    > Functions in linux-2.6.23/fs/fs-writeback.c are "static int" and function name are in different lines.(function name in following line)
    > I can't find the rule in CodingStyle. That We often program functions are "static int" and function name are in the same line.
    > When do we do the first or second way? What is different between them?
    > Any answer is okay.
    > Best regards.

    the advantage to the form

    static int

    is that, if you're looking for the actual function *definition* in the
    file, having the function name at the start of a new line means you
    can search for it with the pattern "^function-name" so that you don't
    have to wade through all of the invocations of that function.

    i like that style; others claim that with proper cross-referencers
    like cscope, doing that is redundant. as far as i know, the kernel
    coding style doesn't take a position on that, but i'm willing to be



    Robert P. J. Day Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA


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