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SubjectRe: [PATCH] drivers: char: hvc: add arm JTAG DCC console support
On 12/01/2010 10:54 AM, Daniel Walker wrote:
> Are you talking about __dcc_getstatus only? I don't think adding
> volatile is going to hurt anything, if not having it causes problems.

Just marking __dcc_getstatus volatile gives me

00000038 <hvc_dcc_get_chars>:
38: ee10fe11 mrc 14, 0, pc, cr0, cr1, {0}
3c: 1afffffd bne 38 <hvc_dcc_get_chars>
40: ee103e15 mrc 14, 0, r3, cr0, cr5, {0}
44: e3a00000 mov r0, #0 ; 0x0
48: e6ef3073 uxtb r3, r3
4c: ea000004 b 64 <hvc_dcc_get_chars+0x2c>
50: ee10ce11 mrc 14, 0, ip, cr0, cr1, {0}
54: e31c0101 tst ip, #1073741824 ; 0x40000000
58: 012fff1e bxeq lr
5c: e7c13000 strb r3, [r1, r0]
60: e2800001 add r0, r0, #1 ; 0x1
64: e1500002 cmp r0, r2
68: bafffff8 blt 50 <hvc_dcc_get_chars+0x18>
6c: e12fff1e bx lr

Seems the compiler keeps the value of __dcc_getchar() in r3 for the
duration of the loop. So we need to mark that one volatile too. I don't
think __dcc_putchar() needs to be marked volatile but it probably
doesn't hurt.

> We could maybe drop the looping for TX, but RX has no C based looping
> even tho for v7 it's recommended that we loop (presumably for v6 it's
> not recommended).

Definitely for TX since it seems like a redundant loop, but I agree RX
code has changed. Instead of

If RX buffer full
Poll for RX buffer full
Read character from RX buffer

we would have

If RX buffer full
Read character from RX buffer

which doesn't seem all that different assuming the RX buffer doesn't go
from full to empty between the If and Poll steps. Hopefully Tony knows more.

> Like this?
> for (i = 0; i < count; ++i) {
> if (__dcc_getstatus() & DCC_STATUS_RX)
> buf[i] = __dcc_getchar();
> else
> break;
> }
> It's a micro clean up I guess ..

Yes, it's much clearer that way.

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