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SubjectRe: Challenges with doing hardware bring up with Linux first
I assume someone started cc'ing me on this thread to get my opinion as a
non-lawyer GPL geek. wrote:
> However, there are quite a few files in the kernel that are BSD
> licensed, when combined with other GPL code, the only way you can
> re-distribute the result is under the GPL, so it is effectivly
> 'converted' when you compile, but by leaving the file BSD,
> improvements to it can be shared back with the original authors and
> put into their main codebase, so it's actually more polite to leave
> the license as-is for this file.

FWIW, I agree more or less completely with the above. I think the
implications are the same for ISC as well, as Luis points out elsewhere
in the thread.
-- bkuhn

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