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SubjectRe: gcc 4.5.1 / as miscompiling drivers/char/i8k.c ?
> My speculation is, that the asm is not removed but rather that regs.eax 
> isn't reloaded after the asm because the memory clobber doesn't clobber
> automatic variables.

Yes that makes sense. I wasn't able to verify it so far though.

Maybe the original poster could try the obvious patch
instead of the volatile change.

i8k: tell gcc that regs gets clobbered

Signed-off-by: Andi Kleen <>

diff --git a/drivers/char/i8k.c b/drivers/char/i8k.c
index 3bc0eef..f3bbf73 100644
--- a/drivers/char/i8k.c
+++ b/drivers/char/i8k.c
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ static int i8k_smm(struct smm_regs *regs)
"shrl $8,%%eax\n\t"
"andl $1,%%eax\n"
- :"=a"(rc)
+ :"=a"(rc), "=m" (*regs)
: "a"(regs)
: "%ebx", "%ecx", "%edx", "%esi", "%edi", "memory");
@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ static int i8k_smm(struct smm_regs *regs)
"movl %%edx,0(%%eax)\n\t"
"shrl $8,%%eax\n\t"
- "andl $1,%%eax\n":"=a"(rc)
+ "andl $1,%%eax\n":"=a"(rc), "=m" (*regs)
: "a"(regs)
: "%ebx", "%ecx", "%edx", "%esi", "%edi", "memory");

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