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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] Restrictions on module loading

> NAK - Its a long standing ABI.

As far as I can tell, modules_disabled was first included in 2.6.31, so
it's hardly what I'd call "long standing". However, I see your point -
it's definitely not my intention to surprise anyone by changing security
features out from under them.

I do think merging the features makes sense in this case. I'll rework
this to keep the "modules_disabled" name, where a value of "0" means
default behavior, a value of "1" means no loading or unloading (and no
changing it back), and the new value of "2" incorporates the
restrictions I'm intending to enforce.

> I've no objection to modules_restrict although I doubt it'll ever get
> used in the real world, but better to extend the meaning of the existing
> interface, not remove stuff.

There has been interest in improving the ease with which users can
enforce restrictions on automatic module loading. No one is being
forced to use it.


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